Thursday, April 26, 2007

Girl in Pink, Boy in Blue

Today I am working from sunny Dallas, Texas and processing through photos from last weekend's New Hampshire wedding. I can't get over how NICE all of the photos look. (Have I mentioned how much we LOVVVVVE daytime weddings?) We were able to capture the small beautiful moments... hugs between father and daughter, couples caressing, the groom's brothers bounding in arm in arm with huge grins... the aunt from vegas singing brazenly to It's Raining Men, an impromptu jousting match involving handmade rose bouquets, the always-hilarious best man, a gorgeous cake, and an italian operatic tribute to love.

Aside from the beautiful mountain resort setting, the people in this wedding were simply wonderful. I loved all of Melinda and Michael's wedding party, brothers, and friends. They danced like crazy, loved on the cameras, and in general just seemed like really fun people to be around. I could see them equally at home at a SCA (society for creative anachronism) spring festival selling hand-woven wares in full medieval garb as they were on the dance floor in their party clothing!

Additionally, it seemed like there were a lot of in looooove couples on the dance floor. I hope they give me a call when their wedding time comes around, because I'd totally travel for these kind of personalities.

As I processed through the photos, I realized that it was a traditional wedding in that she had a pink roses bouquet (which they did themselves! cool!) and the men all wore blue. Bride in pink is so rarely done these days that it was actually slightly indie and a nice change of pace! How ironic is that, that a pink bride might be non-status quo?!

All of the redheaded men and women who love them remind me of the ending of the campy, old-school MGM musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I can't help but think that, and it makes me laugh even more!

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