Thursday, May 31, 2007

the client who called me chicken

This post is about past due. I wanted to give a few samples from last Thursday's engagement session with Erin and Craig in Harvard Square.

Craig, ironically enough, is the one who found me through indiebride (I just love you indie couples!). We've exchanged emails about the charming wedding they have planned for a Tuesday in June and I finally got to meet the people behind the email. He is a professor and she is fighting for workers' rights daily. A pretty nice combination.

This great white wall is in Harvard Square on the Pinocchio's Pizza. I was literally dodging construction work to try to get the shot.

And finally we struck gold in this teal wall that so perfectly brought out Erin's eyes and their elegant choice of clothing. Plus, it is always nice to work in the even lighting of shade on a sunny and hot morning.

Oh yeah - the title of this post. We found a nice little green courtyard that was clearly part of a university dorm. There were two men who were upset facilities employees talking over some matter having to do with the bike racks. I've been kicked out of enough places with my interns recently that I didn't want to have that negative vibe going on for a client session, so I suggested we just move on and find another place. Craig proceeded to call me chicken and walk right over to the not-so-happy facilities employees and charm them into granting us permission.

[click on any of the photos to see more select samples]

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