Saturday, June 02, 2007

I hope that one was worth it...

This morning's photo session was full of firsts for me:

  • The first time I used a fixed 28mm lens for the entire session. The wider angle of this focal length helped me capture the environment without needing to back too far into the busy Boston roads.
  • The first time I explored this particular part of the city with a camera and a couple.
  • The first time to make a Target run with clients. A bonding experience.
  • The first time to get my car towed. (We parked temporarily in a business' parking lot and ten minutes later the car was gone!)

    oh, and I shouldn't forget
  • The first time to photograph a couple with an inflated vinyl dragon.

    they both have engagement rings. I think that is great.

  • A note on the processing: for this set I used a retro process technique that seemed to match the urban grunge where we did the session. Each session gets unique attention and my goal is to bring out your personality...

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    Robin said...

    Those are beautiful, I can't wait to do ours :D