Monday, May 28, 2007

John - senior

Leighanne and I had a fun time photographing up-and-coming senior JOHN... even though the sun in JP was bright in our eyes. We put him in a variety of unfamiliar situations, from being silly just when a bus filled with his peers drove by us on the street to making him lean in his pressed khackis and polo shirts against the graffiti-laden walls of an abandoned building.

As a photographer, I appreciate a subject who does not take himself too seriously!

John not only letters in three varsity sports, but has some dreamy blue eyes. Watch out ladies!

We solicited lots of different looks from him, but I liked his "serious" best...

I love the bright colors on this small local market.

John, thanks for being a willing subject for our urban photo exploration.


Margaret Singer said...

i love this session. so fun and diverse. you are doing awesome, awesome, awesome work!

gwynethcolleenphotography said...

you got some really great colours, rach! awesome.