Wednesday, May 23, 2007

more inspiration

This morning we met up with Alicia of Cordele Photography. It was cool to talk with her about photography and having a business, and interesting to see how different conversations with different photographers can be. Thanks for meeting with us, Alicia!

This afternoon we met up with a pretty girl with a sweet car... a purple camaro! Since I have never been able to photograph cars well, it is kind of a new challenge. I let Bethany Joy take over the shoot and she panicked a bit at first but did a superb job once she gained confidence in directing a session. I loved watching inspiration come over her. Combined with the scouting skills of elle evelyn, we ended up getting kicked out of a school parking lot because they thought we were being sketchy for taking photos with the school bus. Overall it was fun and I loved it because we were not rushed for time.

Tonight I've been working on some things, among them is this:

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