Tuesday, June 26, 2007

colorful delight

I have been stewing over colors and branding and websites and pricing schemes for awhile now, as many of you know from my "book us now because we're getting expensive" conversations. The studio slash EMPIRE that is decent urban weddings has been ready to make the leap for awhile now, but I have in my mind to make it a neat little transition where everything changes all at once. Except it turns out that life is not that manicured!

We have been running around working with incredible models in some really unique locations, I have been mentally preparing for the temporary relocation that will plant me in the cornfields of the midwest from July 10-August 10, and generally doing the antithesis of what some people think ("Oh? You photograph weddings? So you only work on Saturdays?")

In the frenzy that has become sweltering late nights without sleep, I stumbled upon a website that will help me solve all of my life problems. If you're into design, be careful, because it is kind of addicting and I am not even sure why. May I introduce you to color theory?

Adobe Labs' KULER.

OK, one last observation: people in the quaint new england towns do not seem to know how to make something plural without inadvertently creating a possessive. Gloucester has been the worst offender so far; in one day we saw both the hideous Joe Hot Dog's stand and the cutesy yet offensive ceramic tile sign in the [very nice] restaurant where we stopped for lunch: REST ROOM'S.

omg. I try not to be snobby but this and abuse of quotation marks drives me up the wall.


Kevin 'n Meredith said...

Wow, wish I'd seen the Kuler site before attempting to select my wedding colors!

micah said...

That Kuler site is amazing! It even has RSS feeds for the Popular, Highest Rated, and Latest categories. This is Web 2.0 at its finest.

rachel said...

I know!! I love it so much and I am embarrassed to say I have spent several hours on there.... it seems like it will help me with website design, wedding planning, interior decorating.... EVERYTHING!

I took a couple of graphic design classes over the past two years, and I kept meaning to get a "color star" which is the old-school way of doing this, but I am glad I waited until I found this amazing website.