Tuesday, June 12, 2007

review: date night location

Today was a planned day of rest... because I just needed it. Gwyneth and I met up in Newburyport, Massachusetts (about 45 minutes from Boston, 30 from Portsmouth) to spend the afternoon talking, lounging around, and eating fish & chips.

And since it is the eleventh of the month, that also means date night for me! Ali and I celebrate by eating at a different ethnic restaurant every month. Tonight the "culture" was "new england" and we found ourselves down the street in Plum Island eating next to the coast as the sun went down over the beach.

I'd recommend Newburyport and surrounding areas as the perfect afternoon/evening date night. It's small enough to be quaint and quirky, but large enough to have a wide selection of bakeries, coffeeshops, antique stores, and boutiques right next to the docks where you can stroll or grab a whale watching trip on an endearingly crusty old boat.

note: How does a photographer get photos of herself? I have a remote trigger that works with my Nikon DSLR (about $15 - available widely and so worth it!). For this shot, we parked the car in an appropriately cheeky location and balanced the camera on top!

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