Friday, June 08, 2007

wedding on the water

this weekend is a double-header weekend for me, with a wedding on saturday and sunday, in adddition to tonight's rehearsal.

holy and marc will be married right next to the atlantic ocean tomorrow... getting a peek at the venue tonight was so much fun. I like going to rehearsals because I get to figure out camera stuff the day before, and watch how everybody in the bridal party interacts so I know how to get better photos the next day.

three images from tonight stood out to me:

ringbearer, aka 'mister photogenic', is the cutest two year old

keep it classy, guys!

holly and marc out by the water. marc is into fishing and boating, big time, and will get up at 4am to get out there early!

Gloucester (pronounced "GLAH-shah" for you non-new-england folks) is pretty much what you think of when you see movies or photos of new england. it's kind of a crusty fishing port meeting artist community meeting tourist/wedding destination and I am sure some of Boston's big shots must live in the amazing beach houses I saw today.

note to self: bring layers when photographing next to the ocean! brr!

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