Monday, July 09, 2007

and the coolest venue award goes to...

Diana and Micah!

Diana is a nature girl. She counts turtles for a living. Micah is a software engineer who has learned to find the cute little heart-shaped leaves for her ("ok, but don't eat those nightshade berries because they are poisonous!")

These two had a rockin' location for our photo session. It turns out there is this abandoned ruins area where the original Franklin Park Zoo was built in 1912. We played in the old bear dens and even found some building remnants that looked like a castle.

As promised, I have a couple of my favorite images to show Diana:

[ more images from our session here ]


Robin said...

Oh wow, those are stunning.

diana said...

Rachel! you were supposed to be getting ready for your trip! :) Thank you so much for posting. I love them and my family is already raving about you.

rachel said...