Friday, July 06, 2007

Girl Date

I have a six year old friend named Mikayla. She is the secret to all of my creativity. I take her out on semi-regular "girl dates" where the number one rule is that you must always eat ice cream. We added some other things but they're kind of obvious ("no boys allowed", "no whining", "always take pictures") and I make her repeat them with me every time we go out just so everybody's on the same page.

On Tuesday my maternity session was much quicker than I expected, so I went over to hang out with Mikayla for awhile. We walked into the north end to get gelato.

even though it was not raining, we brought along her umbrella and rainboots to use as props.

a stop in a north end playground was definitely on the agenda for mikayla. I haven't spent that much time on swings for years!

it's funny how something like pushing the elevator button or mailing an envelope can give someone so much real joy. I wish I could call up some of that energy these days!

Kids!!!! They help you remember what life is really all about.

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gwynethcolleenphotography said...

the one of her raincoat and boots looks so fashion's kind of awesome.