Tuesday, July 17, 2007


As a wedding photographer I develop little crushes on my couples. This might sound kind of strange, but ours is a relationship that is both complex and shallow -- it's like we are temporary friends. Sometimes even BFFs. But it's also a business relationship where I want to be both professional and artistic. Please don't think of me as a service person but as an artist. And friend.

One of my favorite 2007 couples recurred as a guest at Meredith and Kevin's recent June wedding ("of the century!"). One of my favorite images from the day was from the dance floor.... this photo looks really processed but it is mostly cool by the serendipity of dance floor motion and following their dance with my camera!

Every time I look at this photo I gasp a little. It embodies exactly the mood I like to evoke from a wedding. Loving, intimate, free, and fun.

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Anonymous said...

Amy and I love you too! It was not an accident or happenstance that brought us to you, as you know; Amy found you via Indiebride recommendations and really sold me with what she showed me on your work website. For our engagement photo shoot, you created a very friendly and engaging atmosphere, and neither Amy nor I were very sure what we should be 'doing.' Your guidance and encouragement were a big help to us, and the proof is in the beautiful photos from that chilly, clear morning!

When we met again in March for the wedding, we were blessed not only with very mild weather (the very next weekend it snowed heavily!) but also being able to have you and Gwen photograph us on our big day. We wanted you to have the creative space to do what you do best, and trusted your professionalism to be able to marshall the sometimes chaotic forces ("Where's Jeff?") that swirl during such an emotionally-charged event. A professional you can trust with something so important and something so special becomes more of a friend than just a 'business-transaction' vendor. That's why, after hitting it out of the park for us (twice!), it was great to see you again at Mer and Kev's wedding, knowing what you could do for them. I just had to gush a little bit when I got the chance to talk to you!

When I first saw M&K's samples in the gallery page, I was wowed by your work again. Then I saw the above shot; the one of Amy and I dancing. I gasped myself! So lovely and so carefree, a moment in time saved for me to look at and remember forever.

Thank you again, Rachel! We love you too!

-Jeff Kilburn