Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Today's been a busy day for Decent Urban Weddings, Edition Ohio Style.

I have a few images from the ceremony and reception of Meredith and Kevin I wanted to post before I am out of commission for several days. Incidentally, I got the best damn ring shots I have ever been able to get at their wedding... it was outdoors, the celebrant didn't stand between them and muck it up, and I got really close with my huge lens. Yeah, that's money down there! Makes me wish I was always that obnoxious.

[ more images here ]

Meanwhile, I will NOT be available for email or telephone consultations until at least Tuesday. Blame Canada if you must, because I'll be kicking it Montreal style til then.

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Anonymous said...

Damn good work! Kev and Mer on the stairs with the glowing light behind them... awesome! Capturing the ever-humble best man Sean, the family shots, and yeah, the ring shots! And I've already gone over your incredible ability to catch those fleeting unguarded moments so well...

-Jeff Kilburn