Friday, August 31, 2007

beautiful and quirky people

Whenever I travel I like to try to get some random bookings through Craigslist -- it keeps me on my toes and gives me an opportunity to try out different types of photography with the added allure of being able to call myself a "boston-based professional freelance photographer." (That doesn't sound quite as exotic here in New England as it does to people in Ohio. :)

When I knew I'd be stationed in Cleveland for awhile I put out an ad to see if there were any crazy last-minute wedding planners looking for a photographer. And of course there were. I met Suzanna and Eric at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed house they had rented out for their bridal party to chill at, and then the next day drove through some of the worst rain in my life to get to their Thursday wedding downtown - at the Cleveland Playhouse.

These two are quirky and beautiful, true Craigslist sorts of people whose wedding is as personalized as it gets. I loved even the brief meeting with their kooky family and friends, and loved... LOVED the details of the day, right down to picking the wedding colors based on the interior decorating at the playhouse.

One of my favorite parts about the wedding might seem pedestrian to you, but it rocked my world. For the dinner, they seated guests freely at long banquet tables. I hate those big round tables that make things just awkward and distant enough to hinder both conversation and photos. The boisterous long rows of guests really worked out beautifully.

So this is one piece of the puzzle that is my own wedding plans for February... long tables from Suzanna and Eric (and possibly their venue idea -- a playhouse?!!). There were the single delicate and fierce orchids as centerpieces at Christine and Greg's wedding, the perfect swingy but not frilly bridesmaid dresses from Christie and Erik's wedding, the cookie table at Nikki and Nick's reception, the renaissance meets klezmer music of Mirah and Matan... I have gleaned a whole hoard of brilliant plans just from watching my clients in action.

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Denise Bovee said...

Love these shots!Im really liking your processing : )