Thursday, September 13, 2007


OMG. Indiana photographer Anne Ruthmann gained access to an old abandoned elementary school through the connections of the couple she was photographing.

Can you people PLEASE do the same for me?

Admittedly ruins from an ancient zoo and the streets of NYC have rocked... but I'm ready to explore even further!


Anne said...

Hey - I wish I had more cool urban locations to shoot in!! I always get stuck in some "pretty park"!

rachel said...

you know what? I kind of hate "pretty parks" too.... of course in the city sometimes it's the only chance at any green, but if they all took the photographer's choice they'd be happy happy indeed.

I LOVE it when clients bring creative locations to the table. It takes things to another level completely. For instance, this weekend I am photographing a rocking couple at their home and in his violin-making studio. Cool, huh?