Friday, September 14, 2007

Sister Olga is my new favorite wedding attendee.

Today's processing took me through some photos from Nikki and Nick's wedding. The last image I looked at got me really excited. Walking down the aisle with her father was a really touching time for both of them -- it seemed to be a really meaningful act. And as they were walking down the aisle at Boston University's beautiful Marsh Chapel, with Nikki's HUGE dress flowing and a string trio playing for a very majestic entrance, I noticed in this one shot that the tiny nun in the light blue habit had spontaneously reached out and clasped Nikki's hand in blessing. Sometimes I don't catch everything because I am taking so many photos... (ask me about my own proposal sometime!)

I just think this is wonderful.

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Robin said...

This is an amazing shot, one you wouldn't think most people would catch. I think that's really cool.