Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Christie & Erik

Christie and Erik... two very special people. They were the first Boston clients to book me, way back when I wasn't sure if this wedding photography thing was going to work out. (I can't believe they were that organized that far in advance. I am still trying to book a venue for our wedding in four months!)

Christie and Erik believed in me and what they saw reflected in my work at a time when even some of my closest friends thought my love for image making was a hobby... their enthusiasm was (and still is) a total inspiration to me. Christie's diligence in spreading good gossip via fellow knotties was integral to my own transition to full-time photographer. I can't thank them enough for being spreaders of light.

Erik and Christie have a really interesting relationship. Their love is gentle, but it is FIERCE. I see loyalty to one another all over their faces and a sexuality that is just mind-boggling.

One of the things that made me giggle was the way they skipped and danced away from the ceremony. That was awesome! On one of the hottest shooting days I have every experienced after spending a couple of hours doing all the group photos before the ceremony she still had energy.

More photos to come!

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