Monday, October 22, 2007

top news: Wendy Wellesley marries MIT grad student

Ok, I need to preface this entire entry with the observation that if the first thing a couple does is start tottering around as "grecian urns" without being prompted... you know you're in for a truly fun session!

Catherine and Theis wanted to do their photos at Wellesley College, a beautiful campus that has a lot of significance to them. I've been there before, but it wasn't in the autumn... and damn. That place rocks.

I actually have some history with Theis; I went to grad school with his older sister out in California several years ago. She arranged for the two of us to meet when I showed up in Boston friendless three years ago. I thought I was meeting Kyliah's sister, and this tall friendly redheaded Chemical Engineer brother showed up on my doorstep. As we waited for Catherine to finish getting ready before our photo session last week, it was a strange and interesting time warp to look at each other and say "now we're both getting married!"

Wendy (I mean, Catherine) is hilarious and beautiful and a woman who knows what she wants. She is a comic balance of imbalance (she managed to injure herself on the way to meet us) and poise and has big plans for life. Together, Wellesley pre-law and MIT engineer equal a total stereotype - a Boston-based power team.

I want to end with a photo that totally captivates me every time I look at it:

Watch out world!

[ more photos here ]


Dani said...

I love the photos ... especially the last one and the one focused on the shoes in the foreground :)

Ariel said...

That shot with the leaf on the groom's back? Really REALLY sexy.

Bryce said...

Hmm, my niece, "the little girl,"
about to get married eh?
And to somebody with red hair;
like her father and his older
brother (me)! We've all had red hair,
her Dad still has curls. Mine has returned
after chemo for Non Hodkins Lymphona
now white in colour.

The maple leaf on the back of Theis, how
politically correct. Catherine has a Canadian father;
so the connection is so "right!"

A Boston wedding perhaps? Lovely city IMO
and the little girl isn't so little any more,
I hardly know her, sadly.

Uncle Bryce Lee
Burlington, Ontario
Proudly Canadian!