Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Boston University : Veronica and John

I really like Veronica and John. Tonight I have been processing through their wedding photos and remembering the celebration that managed to be both Very Catholic and Very Filipino.

Don't they look SOOOO happy together? This is the real them.

A wedding at BU would not be complete without my favorite lady in blue... Sister Olga was an important part of the ceremony, helping wrap the two of them up in a veil following Filipino tradition. This is my "arty" shot of her. :)

Weddings are a total fantasy land for little girls who like dresses. This little one was twirling and leaping around the dance floor. I love seeing her juxtaposed with all of the big girls in dresses here.

I couldn't get enough of Veronica and that veil. Another classic wedding beauty.

Overall Kim and I had a ton of fun photographing these guys. There were so many beautiful children and wonderful happy people excited to celebrate the love. You should have seen the circle around V & J at the end... bubbles and all! And let me tell you, those Filipinos love them some line dancing.

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