Monday, November 05, 2007

flower girl wandering

Tonight I am finishing up the proofing for one of my Rachels of the summer. Rachel and Stephen got married in Cambridge and we had a grand time using some of the funny cartoon graffiti near Central Square I used to walk by every day. Even though we couldn't rock the bunny because of the bright sun, we got some beautiful photos.

Rachel and Stephen were an interesting challenge for me because they gave me time before the ceremony to do photos with them, but they were holding off on the kissing until the ceremony made it official. You better believe that as soon as they walked out of that church they started smooching away!

There was a minute when we were gathered for group photos after the ceremony when the flower girl, the groom's niece who adores both of them, wandered up into their territory. Before you do anything else tonight you should check out these photos.

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