Sunday, November 04, 2007

the distinct honor...

This afternoon I had the distinct honor of photographing Chris propose to Barrett near Boston's Hatch Memorial Shell.

I knew he was a planner when he contacted me about the upcoming proposal plans. He had thought about the location, the time of day, and how he'd like the photographs to work. He had called the people at the hatch shell to ensure there would not be any events happening around that time. Who does that?

She said yes.

After the proposal, Barrett was a little bit shocked. Understandably. After about five minutes and being introduced to me, we were able to get some really lovely photographs. The one above is my total favorite. To see it a bit bigger, check this out.

These final images with the red door behind are fitting, as Chris is a firefighter in Rhode Island. Sexy, no?

Chris and Barrett, you guys rock! I am so looking forward to hanging out with you two in the future.

[ watch the proposal and session selects here. ]


Robin said...

Good thing she said yes.

rachel said...

I know, right? It was beautiful to witness this. I wasn't sure if it would "flow" or not to be like "hi, ready for your photoshoot?" but she was totally cool with it.