Wednesday, November 21, 2007

info about rings?

Ali and I are thinking about wedding rings. He wants a black band. What the heck is that? Black platinum seems to actually be silver.

We are alternately interested in working with an artist to design simple rings. Are we needlessly trying to reinvent the wheel?



plum&jello said...

Rachel - You should look into a ring with inlaided with jet from Whitby (from near my home in York). Lots of UK rings are made from here and it is very black! Lisa

Rima said...

Rachel, locally you could check out Jade Moran in Somerville -- creative, custom-designed jewelry, and they might have some tips on black wedding bands!

Lewis said...

If you're in New England, you're within striking distance of Marshall, VA. Check out the place where you can not only design each other's rings - you can literally make them with your own hands to a professional finish, guided by a qualified jeweler.
(If it's England, not New England, you can make them in London!)

b said...

it's a company in Australia that sells titanium rings. You can design your own, but make sure it's exactly what you want! Once you order, they will make the ring just for you, so it is not returnable.
They can make a black titanium ring.
The plus side to titanium is that it is very light. My husband has one, and he loves it.

David said...

I suspect my comment might be too late, but how about Damascus Steel from Namu Cho. (scroll down)