Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Marti & Marc

Gwyn and I kicked some major patootie at our October 20 wedding. Marti and Marc were married in Harvard MA at the St. Theresa Little Flower Catholic Church, then had a rockin' reception at the most interesting location I have seen in quite some time. The Fruitlands Museum was apparently a Utopian community in the 1800s. We didn't have time to explore, but we did all our group photos out back in their rolling acreage that has trees, gardens, flowers, and at the time of year when foliage is at peak, the most amazing little new england view anyone could ask for.

I am kind of burnt out right now from processing about eight weddings in as many days, but let these few images tell you what fun we had!

There's this trend right now to rent a schoolbus to transport guests from the ceremony to reception to hotel... and I think it is brilliant! Not only is it more than a little bit amusing to see people in tuxes climbing into a bus and fighting for the little back seat, but it adds color and spunk to the day. And who can take the inevitable wedding catastrophes too seriously when you're riding a school bus?

Marti and Marc, it was so fun to meet you! We don't get too many LA film industry peeps back here in traditional New England, but we loved working with you and your friends.

[ more photos here ]

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