Friday, December 07, 2007

cute party dresses, cheap!

I just randomly found a catalog for Newport News. I have never heard of them before, but they have some cute little trendy dresses for really inexpensive prices.

glam dresses
romantic dresses
holiday collection

Personally, from a visual perspective I like their coats.
equestrian coat
appliqué coat

I just placed an order for this double-breasted riding coat to wear for some winter bridals:

I can see some of their stuff being good items for a boudoir session... or a fearless dress session... or just a holiday party :)

hint... for the pinup/boudoir session, you're looking for textures... thick sweaters, floaty fabrics, kinky fishnets, etc. check out the current $15 sale - with free shipping.

ps: if you google for their shipping and promotion codes you can get free shipping and 25% off your order!

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Marina said...

love this!!!