Saturday, December 08, 2007

Friday Sessions!

Yesterday I was totally lucky - I got to spend some time with both Ka'ili and Marzieh who are sooooo kind, and lovely. The kind of people you could spend all day with and not get bored! It was fun walking around Honolulu's Chinatown district and getting some images that were both grungy and interesting. It's kind of cool how you can go to the most dirty-looking street and still find some beautiful angles.



I am still looking for two different couples for two different photo shoots. Please email if you or someone you know would like to be photographed this week :)


Sara said...

these are great!! i would love to have been a model with my fiance but we have two kids and one with autism so it is hard to get anyone to watch him. good luck finding someone. Have a great rest of your trip!!


rachel said...

hi sara... are you a connection through kim? or one of the models? :)

rima said...

rachel, i'll send an email to my good friend farrah who lives in honolulu to see if she and her husband (they also have an adorable little boy) are interested in a shoot! farrah is coming up on 6 months preggo, though, so she might not feel her best (and i don't know if that affects the kind of shoot you had in mind)... will let you know if i hear anything!