Monday, January 28, 2008

unforgettable (I)

Awhile ago I asked my clients about their most unforgettable wedding image. I love hearing the responses because it gives me loads of insight as to what connects with someone's heart. I already have a pretty good idea, but it's really interesting to confirm or contradict your own assumptions about a person.

Our first unforgettable feature is Suzanna and Eric, who were married on a Thursday, in a playhouse in Cleveland. She is an orchestra director and he's an architect. The image they love was NOT set up by me -- their wedding party was having a great time and believe it or not, did that by themselves. I love it when goofy crowds make goofy photos. It works when the photos reflect who you really are, which is pretty much my goal for every single photo I take.

Suzanna writes: "I think the reason why this image is the best is because it really captures us as a couple and it has everyone in it, and it is really unique. Everyone did what felt natural, and you captured this very organic situation. The other reason I like it so much is because I have always wanted a picture of me in my wedding dress - being 'dipped' (and the kiss was a bonus). It would have been worth it to get all dressed up again, and pose for hours, just to get that one shot. It was priceless."

Thanks for sharing, Suzanna and Eric! And I look forward to sharing more unforgettables as the month goes by.

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