Thursday, February 28, 2008

the final stretch

Hi Rachel-

I just read your latest blog entry and it resonates with such familiarity.

The stress, the family, the shuffling of people, the multitude of events leading up to the big is all soooooo much to take in. More so, it is soooooo much to actually deal with it without going temporarily crazy.

It is a rite of passage, though. We all had to experience it to some degree. Some folks seem to glide by without a care in the world, while others enter full-on bridezilla mode. How you deal with everything will become an ingrained part of your memories of the days leading up to and the actual day itself. Try to keep that in mind...

For me, it meant a five days of hand wringing, mild panic attacks, and an inability to actually eat a full meal. I was experiencing everything on the emotional spectrum....anxiety, excitement, fear, elation, sadness, love, all washed over me at one point or another.

But after all the craziness, all the preparation, the worry, the comes down to that one moment. The moment you see the person you are committing yourself to for the rest of your life. That moment where you are lost looking at one another and nothing else matters. That moment where you shed the skin of your old life and step into the new.

I promise is all worth it. :)

You exchange your vows, look out to the crowd, and realize that things are happening exactly as they should. All that worry is swept away with the waves of happiness and you think to yourself, "Life is good, let's eat cake." (Well, maybe not the cake part...)

The point is, you'll do just fine. And you'll love every moment of your big day. It is a guarantee.

The one piece of advice I can give is to be aware of the day. Things happen so quickly that people are gone before you can say one word to them. Chances for photos are missed and you are left wondering where that last hour went. If there are particular people you absolutely want to talk to or commiserate with, be sure to do it before the
dessert course, because someone is bound to leave after that.

Well, this is thoroughly too long and I should be working, so I'll stop now before it's too late. I wish the best to you and your husband-to-be. You guys are definitely in the thoughts of myself and Diana.


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k-bomb said...

And don't forget that everyone is different so you're perfectly normal with what ever you do. Good luck!

And have fun in GREECE!