Sunday, July 02, 2006

string quartet

A couple of weeks ago, after shuffling schedules around with a bunch of musicians with an active concert life, I met up with the Hausmann String Quartet to do some shots for publicity of upcoming concerts. Another photographer had tried some "artsy" stuff with them awhile back but it didn't end up being something they could use.

We had a one-hour window, between their rehearsals and my appointments, to do some shots.

And Boston decided to rain... hard!

Because we are industrious and flexible artists, we decided to make the best of a rain location. The Prudential Center indoor shopping area proved to have decent lighting with its ceilings of windows, though heavy foot traffic and centrally placed signage were our obstacles.

We walked away with several strong images; casual shots of them riding down the escalator (!), playing to passerby shoppers, and using the stairs by the Huntington Avenue entrance to our advantage.

I wish Yuan, Bram, Lauren, and Isaac the best as they relocate to the Cleveland area to widen the classical music expectations of the people in Ohio and study with the Miami String Quartet.

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