Thursday, August 10, 2006

I get to spend every Saturday with flower girls...

When I was talking to a friend tonight, while sorting through some images from recent weddings, I found myself telling her how much I enjoy what I do. I mean, I get to spend every Saturday with flower girls! pretty much sums up my work.

I know that every wedding does not have children involved, and that's not exactly the point anyway. Yes, children are my favorite subjects. But really what I love is that weddings are a mish-mash of different people, thrown into a big party, and made to sit still for awhile before eating lavish food and then dancing to a random mixture of old and new songs. It's the bride wearing blue undies underneath the most expensive gament she will ever own, and the kids running around while the adults eat lobster. It's the bride's daughter or niece or next-door neighbor throwing flowers around while wearing a beautiful dress that makes her feel like a princess or ballerina or fairy, or all of those combined.

Weddings are just beautiful places to hang out.

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Anna said...

I completely agree when you say that you love being in a wedding to observe the mish mash opf people around you.I feel pretty much the same way.The picture of the lil girl on the post is so beautiful. Keep posting!!Anna