Thursday, August 17, 2006

post-processing essentials

I have discovered three elements which help me when I am processing through images, usually late into the night:

  • Crunchy food. Preferably something that doesn't get my fingers too messy as I squiggle around on the computer. Pretzels, popcorn, and sesame sticks work well. Cheese doodles do not.

  • Dr. Pepper. For a long time I cut caffeine items out of my diet, but now that I am seriously in love with a Persian I have to be ready to take on his family's hospitable offers of tea. Dr. Pepper (from a can, not a bottle or dispenser) has become somewhat of a tiny addiction. It also gives me a little extra pep when the hour is late and the workload is heavy.

  • Music. I never really got into the iPod thing, but I do appreciate what a good round in shuffle mode will do to keep my mind going. I have my iPod connected to these mini Altec speakers that help create ambiance. It's important that the music is independent from my computer, due to the frequent restarts that happen when you're dealing with large batches of huge files.
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