Sunday, August 06, 2006

quadruple slam

In the last fifteen days I have worked four weddings. It's exhausting and exhilirating all at once, and I have met some really cool people.

Today Gwyn and I headed out to Newport, Rhode Island to photograph the wedding of Marilee and Nathaniel. Despite some logistical dilemmas, like showing up at the wrong St. George's, everything worked out okay in the end.

My favorite images came at the end of the day, when the three of us took a walk along the atlantic coast right outside of the reception. Sometimes sunset photos sound romantic but look bad; I was pleasantly surprised to find the color on these to be just gorgeous. I was so excited that I came right home and looked at a few. Here's a couple of my first picks:

And the last one that would be a crime not to post is of the matron of honor's daughter.

Marilee and Nate, have a GREAT time in Barbados!
(I did my fifth grade project on that little island.)

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